Generic Slash: Dismal Depths
Graphics (7/10) - They are nicely done, but a little messy in some parts of the game.

Gameplay (4/10) - Unfortunately, this game is very slow on my computer, so I cannot play it like it was supposed to. But the controls seem easy to learn and useful. :]

Sound (7/10) - They sound very realistic, and that is good. But there is not any music in the game, at least I did not hear any. :o That is a pity.

Theme (5/10) - Uhm. Slashing blobs? :D It is funny for a while, but with a slow computer like me it will not be funny for longer than a while. :p But the text messages that pop up sometimes are a nice extra. :]

Overall (5/10) - Nice job on the game, but I would do something for the fact that the game is slow like a snail for some people. :(

Graphics (7/10) - The graphics suit the atmosphere of the game pretty well in my opinion. Cool little animations and nice choice of colors to
contribute the sinister feeling of the game. Nice work.

Gameplay (6/10) - It is good. A nice mixture of different kind of actions make the game a lot more interesting. The controlling, though, is notthat good. I found the keys pretty awkward and I would change some of the keys, but hey, that is just me. :) Maybe it is easier for others to learn.

Sound (6/10) - Pretty good. They fit the game well and make the game a little more interesting.

Theme (6/10) - It is nice. It is a cool idea that you have got to get out of a cave.

Overall (6/10) - A pretty little game, but there is not anything that blows your mind.

Graphics (5/10) - Well, it would have been nice to see a bit more detailed graphics. At the moment almost all the sprites are just "blocks" floating around the screen.

Gameplay (4/10) - Easy controls, but there was not much to do.

Sound (3/10) - Unfortunately, this game does not have any sound effects or music at all. It would be a big plus, if it had. But on the other hand, this game game is hectic enough without any noisy bleeps and bloops.

Theme (4/10) - Shooting stuff that comes towards you and grows? Eh. I dont know what to think. :p

Overall (4/10) - In my opinion this game is a little odd. Could not get into it that well. :F

Graphics (6/10) - Simple, but detailed at the same time. Still, the game area could need some little things to cheer it up.

Gameplay (6/10) - It is cool to float around and shoot stuff and evolve. :o But there should be something more than just evolving and shooting. :)

Sound (8/10) - Awesome! Pretty unique stuff, I have to say. And that is just good.

Theme (7/10) - I have seen some simulators like this before, and they all pretty interesting to play. :)

Overall (7/10) - I liked this game. The funny sounds made it all even more interesting. :p

Graphics (6/10) - Nicely done. Nothing too amazing, but not bad either. The little effects were a spot on.

Gameplay (5/10) - Controls were easy to learn. But there could have been a little more of surprises in the game.

Sound (5/10) - They are nice and fit the game well, but it would be nice if there were a little more of them. It just gets a little boring when you hear the same splats and booms all the time.

Theme (5/10) - Driving around and killing people. Hmm. :D It works, but it can also get boring.

Overall (5/10) - I do not love this game, but it is not bad either. Something you can play when you are bored and want something to cheer you up. :o

Graphics (8/10) - Lovely! I just loved the simplicity of the graphics. They could not be better for a game like this.

Gameplay (7/10) - The game is fun and hard, which makes it awesome to play. The things you can buy in the shop are just brilliant! But the game gets way too hard way too fast. Controls are well placed and easy to learn.

Sound (7/10) - Music was funny, and it made me smile. There were not any sound effects, though. But that didn't bother me much.

Theme (8/10) - A little cute thing hopping on slimes. What could be better?! I mean, this was very original and funny.

Overall (8/10) - The pros are that this game is original and funny, but the cons are that it gets a little boring, because all you can do is just destroying slimes.